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Whole 30 complete, bring on the baking!

Yesterday marked 30 days of clean eating. We weren’t perfect in our endeavor but we stuck as close to the plan as we could. I am beyond ecstatic to dive into the world of paleo breads and desserts. Last night I made a batch of chocolate chip cookies to celebrate with. They are soooooo delicious but taste very different from the chocolate chip cookies I’m used too. I think it’s the maple syrup used as the sweetener that gave them the bizarre flavor. If you’re interested in making these yummy treats check out the recipe here. I think it would be okay to use butter instead of coconut oil and regular flour instead of almond flour. Almond flour is so stinking expensive!!!!! I am actually working on my own batch of it as we speak. I conjured up some more almond milk, this time with honey as a sweetener, and kept the almond bits that were left over. I laid the almond pieces on a cookie sheet and am baking them as we speak at about 170 degrees to dry them out. All I have to do is put them in my food processor for a few minutes and voila, almond flour. It’s kind of like a 2 for one deal 🙂 I am seriously turning into one of those hippy chicks, which is apparently cool right now.


Yesterday turned out to be a snowy day here in Georgia and that meant no school for me today. Chris and I are lucky to live north of Atlanta and were not apart of the snowjam on the highways. My poor sis had to walk home from her college yesterday 😦 I don’t think we expected to get any snow up this way and therefore were not prepared for the repercussions of snow on roads. I am thankful for a day off with my darling husband. We’ve enjoyed a fire all morning and have been playing around in the kitchen. Look at the mess we made

But it was totally worth it!! I made coconut cinnamon pancakes this morning that were incredible. Nomnom has the best recipes. Her recipe is so simple and uses minimal ingredients. We both enjoyed our breakfast tons! Please excuse my pancakes in the pic, I am a HORRIBLE pancake maker.


Chris and I are going to have to be careful because I LOVE to bake. Maybe that’s why I’ve been so sad the last month about food 😉 I was daydreaming this morning about how fun it would be to own a bakery that only made all natural treats. I bet I could get my Grandma to come work for me, she’s an incredible baker! My little bakery would also have a cafe where we sold almond milk lattes with homemade almond milk. Oh boy would it be heaven on earth for me. The best part is I could hire someone to clean up the kitchen 😉 hahahaha just kidding, I would help. I admit that though I love to dirty a kitchen but despise tidying it up. A girl can dream, until then I’ll be inspiring teenagers.

If I could sum the past 30 days up in a few words, I would say difficult but rewarding. Isn’t that the truth in all things that require lots of work? I am so glad we set our minds on something and saw it through. It is very rewarding to make a goal and then achieve it and it’s even sweeter because it was something my husband and I did together. We learned so much about food, moderation, and preservatives. I have seriously had my mind blown this past month. There was so much I didn’t know and understand and there are still some things I’m trying to figure out. By the way, if you’re looking to lose weight this plan is perfect. I’m down around 15 pounds (still don’t have a scale to give an exact answer), I’m down a pant size, no more bloating after meals, no more heavy feeling after meals, and my skin, nails, and hair look better. Couldn’t ask for better results after just a month. The only thing I’m sad about is that my husband has also lost some weight. UGHH he needs to gain weight! But now that I can bake, I can maybe help with that problem. I feel so much better in several ways. Not only is my body operating like it should, I feel much more confident in myself. I don’t put clothes on anymore and feel uncomfortable. That’s been a hard thing to explain to my husband who looks great in everything he wears. In general, I’m happier and if that’s all I got out of this crazy ordeal then I’d still be satisfied.

Everybody needs to stay home and be warm today 🙂 I will certainly be doing just that with my little family.

Ash, Chris, and Alfie