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Annndddd we’re at it again

When I started researching Whole30 I began with their website and they mentioned a sugar monster. I thought “How LAME.” Sugar monsters don’t exist, I have complete control over the amount of sugar I eat! Boy was I naive. After we completed our first whole 30 in January, we tried to stay true to the paleo lifestyle but were often derailed by cookies, brownies, pasties, ice cream, muffins, cupcakes….. Get the picture? We (mostly me) have a sugar monster problem…. What a bummer. Well we’d like to slay this monster and return to our good eating habits. It seems we do better with extreme measures where all sugar and sweeteners are forbidden so here we are again. Chris and I had a trip planned for Nashville and decided we would once again pursue a Whole30 when we returned.

We’ve returned and the meal planning has started. I thought I’d post my meal plan along with all the amazing websites where I found the recipes.

Breakfast- egg scramble (my own made up recipe)
Lunch- left over chili (my husbands random recipe)
Dinner- enchilada stew recipe

Breakfast- prosciutto muffins recipe
Lunch: chicken salad w/ celery (chicken, mayo, celery, onion)
Dinner- leftover stew

Breakfast- prosciutto muffins
Lunch- chicken salad
Dinner- beef fajitas in lettuce wraps (new recipe for me) recipe

Breakfast- fruit smoothie w/ kale and spinach
Lunch- leftover fajitas
Dinner- bunless burgers

Breakfast- sweet potato hash this recipe rocks and so does this one
Lunch- whatever is left over
Dinner- Mexican beef recipe

Breakfast- lara bar
Lunch- left over Mexican beef
Dinner- steaks, green beans, and sweet potato chips

I think the second whole30 will be much easier than the first. I’ve learned so many tricks and found so many great recipes!!! Specifically I love nomnompaleo.com. Majority of the stuff we make comes from her site. I REALLY need to purchase her cookbook 🙂

Time for me to feed the pup and finish up dinner

Until next time,



Day 13: I cheated :(

Wellll…. Today has been super fun. I slept in just a little and woke up to coffee and an egg scramble. My husband is the bomb. I have been feeling so weighed down with all the responsibility of preparing meals 3 times a day. I make breakfast for us, I pack our lunches, and then we typically cook dinner together. He was so sweet yesterday and made us burgers and sweet potato fries and then made us breakfast. I absolutely needed the break from cooking. I really enjoyed sitting on the couch making my meal plan and grocery list. It took me about 2 hours to compile those two items….. That would be because I was looking up new recipes and trying to figure out what in the world we were going to eat for breakfast. I’ve noticed that a lot of these paleo people love to wake up and eat soup or leftovers from last nights dinner. That just isn’t my style because I LOVE breakfast foods. Anyways, I thought I’d post my meal plan to just give you an idea of what we’re eating throughout the week.

I just love the personalized notepad. A few years ago Chris got them as a Christmas gift from his employer. I find that so funny even though I love using them. I found majority of the recipes from http://www.nomnompaleo.com and the chili recipe is from http://www.theclothesmakethegirl.com. These are both great resources for recipes and information about paleo.

As the title suggests…. We accidentally cheated today. Chris and I were heading to the grocery store and there is this amazing BBQ restaurant close by. So I figured we could get some smoked chicken sandwiches and ditch the bread. Unfortunately there was a light amount of BBQ drizzled on the meat. Chris also ordered some Brunswick stew (he should have known better). So….that was our slight cheat today. I don’t feel too guilty because all I ate was the chicken….I’m pretty sure that my husband absolutely regrets the cheat because he was NOT feeling super. Poor fella :(. Other than that little instance we are being strict about what we’re eating.

Tonight we’re cooking up a whole chicken in my crockpot. I’ve never bought a whole chicken before so WOWZERS at how inexpensive it was. Speaking of food, Chris and I are saving loads of money. We’re spending about $125 a week on food (we buy meat in bulk) but neither of us are eating out during the week so that’s where we are a saving so much money. That helps make us feel better when we spend $5 on raspberries or $7 on bacon. Yay for that. I hope everyone enjoys their evening I know we are 🙂


Chris n Ash