Day 1: what are we thinking? I hate veggies!!!

Well, we were thinking its time to change our eating habits. Everyday we both feel so lethargic and bloated in the evening time. There are so many things we want to do but feel like we don’t have the energy to do them. So, back in November (right after thanksgiving) Chris and I discussed trying this whole 30 thing out starting January 1st.  As December came with all of its baking and family feasts consisting of only carbs, we grew more and more anxious to get started. I began checking into the details of the diet and found several amazing blogs with tons of recipes and advice.

With all that being said, we decided to start today! Woohoo!! Found us all kinds of yummy recipes and created a food list.  That was probably the most complicated part because I wasn’t sure how much I really needed of everything. But hallelujah at how much money we saved at the store. On this diet there is no junk food, dairy, or bread and those tend to be the expensive items.  We had a blast shopping and picking out fresh veggies and fruits.  We got all our meats and frozen veggies at SAM’s club and we loved that because we’ll have lots of extra protein and veggies.

The real fun part was getting everything ready for the week. I made several fun things that I would have never made before.  The best part was that it was extremely easy and I think I’ll continue to make them on my own.  I made homemade mayo!! That was a crazy science experiment that went PERFECT :):) and I also made fresh almond butter in 10 min.  My Ninja rocks!!! Along with that, I made bacon egg muffin cup thingies and some ballin’ buffalo chicken for lettuce wraps.

So far so good. Spoke to the hubby and he said he has a headache, probably from lack of sugar. But he said all the food has been awesome.  Tonight I’m making a cauli fried rice with spiced chicken. Hopefully it’ll be yummy 🙂 I will continue to post about the awesome food we eat, the struggles we come across and the cravings we have.


Chris n Ash

P.S. Our dog, Alf, says hello