Day 21: When in doubt, make it yourself

I can see why women in the ’60’s started buying TV dinners, pizzas, and anything that would take less than 20 minutes to prepare. With women working along side men, it is much harder to have the time and energy to create a gourmet meal every night. I’m starting to dread coming home from work because I know I have to start the tedious task of creating dinner. Sure Chris is helpful but he is as tired as I am. I think all of this would be so much more enjoyable if it was my only job. Unfortunately my husband didn’t like my idea of being a stay at home wife so I’m beginning to ask myself “How do I manage working full time and a clean eating lifestyle?” I do not have the answer……yet. Hopefully with enough practice we’ll figure out how to make our diet fit into our schedules. One thing I try to do is create a “to-do” list so I know exactly what I’m responsible for each night and to be more efficient. Sundays typically have the most items because I can spend more time in the kitchen. Boy do I resent spending so much time standing in the kitchen (although I do get out of doing laundry). There are so many other things I’d like to do and people I’d like to spend time with. Is eating better worth the hassle? Well……maybe! It’s hard to say no because there are lots of benefits but it’s hard to say yes because I’m lazy :). If only there was a way to do eating healthy in an easy manner. I will say that I did find a website that delivers a weeks worth of paleo meals to your house for the whopping low price of $325 🙂

Another thing that is super frustrating is the amount of additives and preservatives that are in so called “organic” items. I have been wanting to try to almond milk and went to a fresh market store thinking they’d have something for me and EVERY brand had something in it that’s illegal to whole 30 and most were illegal to paleo (if you can’t have cane sugar in paleo, then they were all illegal). So I did the rest of my grocery shopping and when I got in the car I googled almond milk and basically the only way I was getting it was if I made it on my own :(. AHHHH how many things am I going to have to make by hand?? I found a simple recipe that called for soaking 1 1/2 cups of almonds in water for 12 hours then draining and blending with 3 1/2 cups water for 2 min. The last part consisted of straining the mixture through cheese cloth into a bowl (I used a mesh strainer). The bits left in the strainer can be baked to create almond meal and the liquid left behind is the almond milk. The entire process (minus the soaking) took < 5 minutes. Here's the kicker, the milk only lasts for 5-7 days. No wonder there are so many preservatives in the store bought crud! When we're finished with this business in 9 days I will add some honey and vanilla to the mixture so the milk is sweeter. Here's a pic of the end result (we had more than what's in the jar, I put it in a container for a friend to use)

Looks neat eh? I also looked for organic salad dressings yesterday so I didn’t have to keep making ranch. I had no luck in that area either. Every one of them had vegetable oil or soybean oil and then another 20 ingredients. I can’t imagine why it takes so many items to make a salad dressing when my ranch dressing uses 6 (mayo, coco. Milk, garlic, dill, salt, pepper). Looks like I’ll be making it myself for a while. I will say that you can find a recipe for just about anything you want that is paleo approved and that is very encouraging (minus the fact that I have to make it myself). I also hope this little rant of mine encourages you to check your labels at the store. I can’t even begin to count the amount of grocery store items that have ingredients I cannot pronounce and cannot have. It’s depressing! For one, I can’t eat things I used to and two, the stuff is so bad for your body.

Here’s a pic of what my fridge looks like going into a new week. There’s fresh mayo, fresh ranch, lara bars, fresh almond milk, chicken salad, coco milk. All sorts of goodies we’ve created. The coolest thing is that we eat everything that’s in our fridge throughout the week. By Saturday it is completely empty and ready to be filled again. I love that we aren’t wasting produce and are using everything we buy. I always feel so guilty when I have to throw food away because it’s gone bad. I can’t help but think of all the starving children :(.

That’s all for today, we’re still making it through this crazy weird “diet” and are definitely reaping tons of benifets. By the way…. My teacher friends have noticed my face isn’t so fat! Woo hoo. I hope it’s encouraging to people who see us everyday and get to see the results we’re experiencing. That’s wayyyy more important to me than actually being healthy and sometimes is what gets me through.

Have a blessed Sunday,

The Burroughs


One thought on “Day 21: When in doubt, make it yourself”

  1. Wow ! You sound like a very busy young lady. I noticed your little Christmas cook book in the one picture. You haven’t told us what you will do after the 30 days. Will you pretty much keep doing what you have been doing? Will that be your new life style for eating? My bed time, so best head that say. I am soooo proud of the two of you for sticking with this. I think even I would have quit by now. Love you both, Grand-ma

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