Day 16: with success comes failure

I have been feeling extremely defeated this week. I feel like I can’t do anything right. I ruined Chris’s ranch dressing and I burnt the crap out of some zucchini chips. I have a lovely picture of those chips and you’ll see the crazy difference between the outer ones that are super crispy and the inner ones that are half crispy and half uncooked. Last night Chris made spaghetti sauce and it was wayyyyy too spicy. I couldn’t stomach it and settled for a banana. I am counting down the days until this is over. I am LOVING the energy and the amazing sleep I’m getting, but I’m tired of being hungry.

^^ lovely aren’t they? Haha well we have had some successes that I think I should share. I made a great frittata the other night and it’s been a life saver for breakfast. I grilled some great chicken the other night with an amazing cilantro sauce. And the best news I can give is that I discovered a great protein bar that is whole 30 approved. I found it through my friend Emily and thought we could try them out. They’re approximately 240 calories a bar and I tried the blueberry one tonight! INCREDIBLE! Oh man they are delicious. Downfall is that they’re super expensive. Chris and I bought a sample pack to try them out ($12 for 4 bars). I figured they would be a great way for me to get the calories I need and figure out if we wanted to spend that kinda money.


Not much else to report just trying to muscle through these last 14 days. I know we can do it, but boy am I losing the will.

Have a great hump day

The Burroughs fam


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