Day 8: Hungry for Change

What a beautiful yet cold cold day. I went to get the mail and thought my fingers were going to fall off! So glad I got to spend the day indoors with my sweet cuddly pup. Chris and I watched a documentary last night titled Hungry for Change and what an incredible movie that talks about all the dangers of eating processed foods. I can’t believe how uneducated I’ve been about food! Good news is that our bodies want to heal and are designed to heal and that’s all I need to keep going with “clean eating.” If you want to check out the documentary, it’s on netflix.

My prosciutto frittatas were amazing this morning. Wayyyyyy better than the ones I made with bacon. I don’t have too much to report today other than no tummy ache this morning. I was very glad too because I hate feeling sick in the morning. I really hope everything starts to stabilize soon so I can really enjoy the energy I’m having.

I really hope that everyone stays warm and eats lots of good food!

Chris, Ash, and alf the pup


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