Day 2: Happy New Year’s Eve and we survived day 1

Woo hoo! We did it, we made it through day 1. As was noted in yesterday’s title, I HATE vegetables. I don’t know why, I just do. Through the years I’ve learned to like onions, bell peppers, lettuce, and cooked tomatoes. If you spoke to my mom, she’d tell you that’s a great feat.  However, I need to be eating more variety of veggies.  Chris and I found several recipes that somewhat mask the vegetable and I’m hoping that will help ease me into finding more things that I like.  For instance, last night we made a cauliflower “rice”. I put a small head of cauliflower in my ninja and let it break it down into little rice like pieces.  i fried up some bacon and eggs and sautéed shallots and garlic and green onions and then added the faux rice.  I think where we went wrong was all the herbs. There was a strange flavor to it, but I know next time to be careful.  Anyways, we grilled some chicken and added it to the mixture as we’ll.  the hubby LOVED it, so I know I’ll have to make it again next week.  I wasn’t quite as impressed but ate it anyway (again, the spices and the texture threw me off). I will try it again and make some modifications.

Moving on, I forgot to mention yesterday that a part of our preparation for this month was cleaning out our fridge and pantry.  Chris and I easily give into temptation and we knew we’d never make it if we didn’t completely commit (and say a little prayer to our savior).  Holy moly at the food we pulled out.  We had tons of things that hadn’t been opened yet and we’re somewhat sad to give them away, but we know we’ll be better for it.  We still have a load of stuff to take to the food bank (we let our friends shop through it first).  no worries about what’s left because we can’t really make a meal of anything and all the snacky food is gone.

Let’s talk struggles for a few sentences. I can’t say that we’ve had any specific cravings but as we went to bed we were talking about feeling empty.  Not a hungry empty but a satisfied empty.  When we eat it tends to be more about pleasure than nutrition and I’m not so sure that’s a good thing.  Chris mentioned to me yesterday that he had the shakes in the morning and a slight headahe.  We’re both hoping that’s a coincidence since we hadn’t even really started the diet.  I will say that we both felt odd at the end of the evening, but we weren’t feeling sick or dizzy.  I’m thinking it’s just a side effect of not having sugar and grains.  Hopefully we won’t always get that feeling.  I think this is where Chris and I are really going to have to lean into each other and God.  Which isn’t a bad thing.  We have to learn to deal with struggle together and what an easy and non threatening way to do that.  One of our many goals in this month is to work on our dependency on God and each other and to learn a lot about marriage 🙂 this may just be the best part.

Last little thing before I bring this to a close! I keep using the word diet and I think that really isn’t the correct way to describe this life  change.  Here is why I say this, EVERY person I’ve mentioned this to says why is CHRIS going on a diet. First of all thanks…I know I’m the fatty but fatty’s got feelings too! And secondly, thanks, I know my husband’s already super handsome and stick-like.  With all of that being said, let me explain as best as I can why this isn’t really a diet.  Neither of us are looking to lose weight (although it will be a bonus) and we aren’t limiting the amount of food that we eat.  All we are doing is changing what we eat in order to change how we think about food and figure out the true purpose of eating.  That’s it people! This isn’t some lose weight fast program and neither of us want one of those anyways.  We want to feel better at the end of the day and have loads of energy to play with our puppy.  So next time I say diet PLEASE don’t remind me how my husbands too skinny to be dieting, kay thanks! As a reminder whole 30 isn’t meant to be a forever diet, it’s meant to be a cleanser and a way to reset your pallet.  After we complete the whole30 we will be switching to paleo, which is a lot less strict and gives us more options (hellllloooooo paleo cookies)

Who would’ve thought I could be so chatty?!?! Have a fab New Years eve 🙂 we’ll be eating yummy food and hangin with the coolest pup out there


Chris, Ash and Alfie


One thought on “Day 2: Happy New Year’s Eve and we survived day 1”

  1. Enjoyed your up-date. Even gave me a laugh because I sure do understand the fatty part. That has always been me with your Papa being so thin. Love to both of you, Grand-ma

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